Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I swore that I would never make a Hexie quilt, but guess what.....     I'm making one.   I found a book that teaches how to make hexagons using a circle and folding technique that is really easy.   It isn't as exact as English Paper Piecing, but it's still very easy and, in the long run, you can't tell that the pieces aren't perfect.    I'm having so much fun making hexies and sewing them together, that I haven't even turned on my sewing machine in a couple of weeks.    Here is the progress so far:

And here is where I'm headed with it:

This design was created by a woman in Sweden named Helena.    Her blog address is:    Take a look at her progress, too!     We're both making the same pattern, but I bet when they're both finished, they will look completely different.    I love her colors with the turquoise.

I love being in the middle of  a big project!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bunco Sunflowers Quilt

I made this little table runner for a Bunco gift in April 2013.   The theme was Spring.   

Sister's Choice Quilt

I wanted to use up all of my 9 patch blocks that have been made for me by members of my friendship groups.   I think I had over 200 4.5" blocks and have made 3 quilts using these blocks.   I just had a small pile left so wanted to finish the 9 patch blocks.   I used all but 2 in this quilt!   It was inspired by Bonnie Hunter who has been working on her Sister's Choice recently on her blog.   I washed it in the machine when it was finished so it has a nice wrinkly look to it and I like it.    

Kathleen's Block

One of the ladies in my guild,  Kathleen Bond,  asked me last month if I would do a block for her.  She handed me a small block with a basket machine appliqued on it.  She asked that I add anything I wanted to the basket and return it to her next month after signing it.    So,  I added some flowers and a heart to the basket.   I think it turned out really cute.  Hopefully, I'll get a picture of the entire quilt when she gets it finished.   

In Stitches Patriotic Row Quilt

In 2011, In Stitches did a row exchange that had to be red/white/blue.   Each person made a row (all identical) for every one else in the group that wanted to participate.  Seven members participated.    I tore some of the rows apart to make my quilt so left 4 intact for the borders and rearranged the others for the center.   Finished on 3/25/13.  This quilt is 42" x 55".