Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Quilts

My Flickr page has 117 of my quilts. You can see them here. They are quilts I've made over the last 10 years or so. Looking back at all the pictures of the quilts I've made, I realize that I have made very few quilts for 'no reason'. Each one has a story and a reason it was created... be it a gift, for a gallery, a project challenge or a personal challenge. So I actually own very few of my own quilts. Oh, don't worry. I still have PLENTY of quilts in my house! What quilter doesn't?!?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mini Quilt Exchanges

Another blog site that I've been following is called Quilting Gallery. The lady that runs this blog organizes quilt exchanges. So if you sign up for the exchange, she pairs you with another quilter somewhere in the world and you make a small quilt for her and another quilter that signed up makes a quilt for you. I've been doing this for a couple of exchanges and have been very pleased with the quilts I've received and my partners have liked the quilts I've made. The first exchange was a Springtime Quilt Exchange. This quilt went to a lady in Netherlands named Corry.

I received a quilt from a lady in Bangkok, Thailand. Here is the cute quilt I got from her:

The next exchange was called Good Ol' Summertime. I sent this quilt to a lady in Canada named Michelle.

Now I've joined another exchange called Fall Inspired Quilt Swap. I already have a design in mind but it doesn't have to be done until the middle of January, so I have time to perfect it... :-) How fun!

Quilting Bloggers

I've been following several quilting bloggers for awhile now and enjoying the posts to see what other quilters are doing and how creative and talented quilters can be! Today, while snooping at blogs, I found a really beautiful quilt technique that I'm going to try as soon as I get a chance (which means after I finish the umpteen other projects I have going on at this moment). The lady that creates these wonderful quilts is Geta and she lives in Romania. Here is a picture of one of her quilts.

Gorgeous! You can see her blog here. Once a month, this generous lady offers a giveaway of one of her quilts! You can sign up for her giveaway here. You can go ahead and sign up, but I hope I'M the winner!


I have been quilting for about 20 years. Wow.. that sounds like a long time when I see it in writing. When I started quilting it was difficult to find nice fabrics like we have now in quilt stores, so my first quilts were sad.. to say the least. My first quilt was a sampler (of course) and it was pink and blue (of course). It has never been quilted (because it was ugly and the pieces were cut with scissors so not very precise and the fabric was polyester!) So, even though it was a quilt not to be terribly proud of, it did inspire me to want to make more. Now, these 20 years later, I am still inspired to want to make more different, beautiful and creative quilts. I hope to share my love of quilting and my quilting processes in this blog. Enjoy!