Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Triple Irish Chain

A couple years ago I started this little quilt using a packet of batiks I got from a Road to California trip.   I made the top (minus borders) and decided I didn't like the background fabric  so I just put it 'out of sight, out of mind'.  I ran across it the other day and decided to just go ahead and finish it.   So I added the border and quilted it.  Now I like it, but I still think I'll give it to one of the Community Service projects my guild is doing.   I did a loopy free motion quilt pattern on it so I had fun doing it as a practice piece.   That's something I need desperately... practice on my Handiquilter.  

Finally finished

I finally finished my flower quilts for the office.   It was a trial and even though I love them now, it took me a long time to LIKE them while I was working on them.   I don't use fusible web very often but I thought it might be a good choice for these so I could topstitch the pieces down.  Well, my sewing machine doesn't like fusible any better than I do and it let me know all about it... with skipped stitches and knots on the back of the quilt.   Ugh... frustration!   But... I finally tried a topstitch needle and silicone on the thread and it did well enough that I could finish the project.   They are hanging in the office now and everyone loves them.   I've even had several people ask if they could buy them...   People just don't realize how much work goes into a project like that so I don't think I could even sell them for the time and effort it took to make them.   Anyway,  I'll keep them...   they look good.  

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Little Wrong Stars

Last weekend I went to a sew day for my In Stitches group.   On Saturday it was National Quilting Day so everyone was there!   I think we had all 14 of our members sewing, chatting, laughing and eating!   What fun!   One of the ladies taught a class on a fast method for making a 5 pointed star block.   We all brought fabric to make these stars but I don't think any of us really understood the whole process.  Anyway, there were very few successful blocks.   I made two sets of blocks.. one right and one wrong.   They're still cute, just WRONG.  So, today I put them all together to make a small quilt for some little girl that I don't know.   It came out very cute..  See if you can find the WRONG blocks....

Hint:   Here are the RIGHT blocks. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kiwanis Auction Quilt

I was asked again this year to make a quilt for the Kiwanis Auction. The other day I was digging through a box of UFOs and came across some blocks that my mini group made several years ago and decided to put them together, more to just get something finished than for any other reason.  So,  I decided to give that quilt for the Kiwanis Auction.   I finished the quilt on Monday and  washed it to ravel out the raw edges in the circles and it will be off to the Kiwanis folks tomorrow.  

This year they will be taking bids online from March 29th to April 2nd and April 5th to April 9th between  7:00pm and 10:00pm.   The website is:  

Crocheted Socks

I was inspired to crochet myself some socks after I found some sock yarn that had elastic woven into it.  I liked the idea of having socks that would fit snugly but still be able to go off and on easily.   So..   I found a pattern and started.   It only took a couple of evenings to make the first sock ... ok.. that's not true.   It took several attempts at making the first sock and got ripped out about 3 times before finally making a sock that fit right... THEN it only took a  few evenings to make the first sock.   Then.. it took several weeks to get inspired to make the second sock.   I really like how they came out and they were fun to make, but I don't think I'll make any more soon.   I want to move on to other things... I found a really cute pattern for a felted handbag.  I'll make socks again someday.. now that I know I can do it!   Here's a picture:

How cute are those!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter Mini Quilt Exchange

I signed up for another mini quilt exchange through Quilting Gallery. This one is a winter quilt exchange. I just finished it today even though it's way ahead of schedule. Sometimes I actually do finish things early! Anyway, I'm really liking it and thinking that I might need to make one for myself, too. It is for a lady in Australia and I hope she likes it. I will send it off as soon as I make a label for it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flower Garden Quilts

I have been working on some quilts to hang at my office. I wanted them to look like pictures and to be framed rather than bound. So... the first one I made from a pattern by I've had the pattern for years and I don't think it is available at their website anymore.
The second one I designed and just finished the top today. The pieces are fused and I will quilt them free motion with some nice thread. I'm pretty happy so far, although it took awhile to get the second one how I liked it.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Landon and Tracy's Quilt

This is my son, Landon, and his new wife, Tracy's wedding gift. They have a wonderful place to hang it over the stairway in their new home.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Gifts

I was so busy before Christmas making quilts for gifts! I made 3 snuggly quilts for the girls that work in my office. They LOVED them.. but I never even got a picture of them... I also made a quilt for my daughter (but it isn't quilted yet). I had made one for my son last year just like it and my daughter fell in love with it so I made another for her. It is a One Block Wonder quilt and it's a Cali King! Needless to say it took awhile, but it really is quite awesome. Here is a picture of it:

I also had big aspirations of crocheting felted slippers for the grandkids and anyone else I thought might like them. These are the only ones that I actually finished, and they fit little Savannah so well she wanted to wear them all the time... so I did end up washing them Christmas day after a trek outside in the mud.

I did make one more slipper, though. I was going to make a pair for my son, Landon and one for his wife, Tracy. They live in Washington and it has been VERY cold there so far this winter. I bought some gray and red yarn and was going to make one pair gray with red trim and the other red with gray trim. I got one gray slipper done and couldn't wait to see what it would look like felted so I went ahead and put it into the washer. It came out really nice and fit Tracy perfectly. I went ahead and crocheted the other one but didn't have time to wash it right away. Tracy wanted it to be finished, too, so she threw it in the washer to try and felt it. Well, we learned a good lesson in felting. Don't wash the slippers seperately if you expect them to come out the same size. So... I'm in the process of making another pair of slippers for Tracy. I'm not sure what I'll do with the other pair. Hmm... I wonder if I could find someone with one foot ALOT smaller than the other one.