Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Finally finished

I finally finished my flower quilts for the office.   It was a trial and even though I love them now, it took me a long time to LIKE them while I was working on them.   I don't use fusible web very often but I thought it might be a good choice for these so I could topstitch the pieces down.  Well, my sewing machine doesn't like fusible any better than I do and it let me know all about it... with skipped stitches and knots on the back of the quilt.   Ugh... frustration!   But... I finally tried a topstitch needle and silicone on the thread and it did well enough that I could finish the project.   They are hanging in the office now and everyone loves them.   I've even had several people ask if they could buy them...   People just don't realize how much work goes into a project like that so I don't think I could even sell them for the time and effort it took to make them.   Anyway,  I'll keep them...   they look good.  


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the quilts!!! Good job!!!

  2. Your quilts are lovely. I agree with you about the fusing webs. Some are worse than others, but the quilts were totally worth finishing.

  3. I just love your flower quilts , I too have worked with the iron on stuff, I always used the Wonder Under that I used to get from Walmart. You can also use the paper glue sticks, but then the raw edges are not as smooth, so I use the fray block to keep it from fraying,I love to make art quilts ,yours are beautiful!