Sunday, November 1, 2009

Double Wedding Ring WIP

I'm in the process of making a double wedding ring quilt. I've never made one before but I've had the Shar Jorgenson templates for years. I finally dug them out and decided to just do it. But I didn't want to use traditional colors. I sat down with the Electric Quilt program and started picking colors. I decided I wanted it to be orange and torquoise, but it needed another color.. so I picked... PURPLE! So.. I designed this quilt.

Ok... I like that. So, I cut out the pieces and started sewing them together. This is what I came up with.

Ugh... nasty. The mellons are too small to put orange there and I didn't want to have to remake all the mellons in a different color.... So, I thought... what if I make the whole background orange. So, I cut again.. and came up with this.

Ok.. maybe a little better so I sewed it together... after I took out the lighter orange blocks and mixed them all up a little better and took off the last row so it's only 5 rings high. Now what to do with the border? I knew I didn't want to do binding around curves so I machine appliqued the whole quilt onto a border. My EQ design looked like this. Not terrible... So, I sewed it together. It's on the quilting machine now and almost done. I'll post a picture of it soon! (I wish I'd done a torquoise border instead of black.. it looks a little Halloweenish)

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