Saturday, August 18, 2012


My mini group did a challenge last year.  Everyone had to make a quilt with the pineapple block.   One of the ladies had bought a template ruler that was supposed to make the pineapple block easier so she challenged us all to get the template and try it out... so we did!   I think out of all 12 of us,  4 or 5 of us actually ended up with a finished quilt.   Here is my finished quilt.  

This is not my original design.   I saw a picture of a quilt similar and redrew it, eliminating the border and rearranging some of the blocks and the original quilt was red and white.   
Every block in the quilt is the same pineapple block but the position of the colors are what make the pattern.   The quilt is pretty big... about 80" square.   It's quite striking when it's hanging on the wall.  

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