Monday, August 13, 2012

Secret Sister Quilt

I know... I know...  It's been FOREVER since I've added anything to my blog.  I have guilt...  but I've decided to try again to record my never ending quilt making.   First I want to update my blog with a few projects I've made this past year.

Last year my mini group did  Secret Sisters throughout the year with the Christmas party as the 'reveal' of the Sisters and the delivery of quilts made for the Sisters.   My 'sister' was a lady named Carolyn.    Carolyn has very specific likes and it was so much fun getting things for her throughout the whole year because I knew she was going to love everything!   But.. the best part was making her a quilt.    She loves applique and she loves traditional quilting.    It had been awhile since I had done any hand applique so I was jazzed about the project.    I did the technique of turning the edge of the applique pieces with starch and gluing the pieces down then just hand sewing everything.   It went together super fast and I had all the blocks done in January.   Then all I did was give her one a month until September.   I then sent her an 'official' letter from the Quilt Police telling her she must return the blocks to their original owner for signatures (according to the Quilt Police,  you're not allowed to get blocks from someone without them signing them first).   Here is the 'official' letter....

Here is the finished quilt.... 
How cute is that.. eh?

Needless to say.. she loved it.  

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