Friday, August 17, 2012

Twin Quilters

A funny thing happened today.    This week I submitted my Spider Web Scrappy Quilt  on the Quilting Gallery blog's weekly contest which was about Scrap Quilts this week.   

On Fridays they put up all the submitted quilts and then viewers vote on the ones they like best.    Well, this morning I went to take a look at the quilts and found that there was another quilt like mine!    And the other one was made by another Kathy!    Our quilts are almost exactly the same.   Mine has black borders around the spider webs and hers has purple, but both quilts have cream colored backgrounds and a piano key border.   I didn't know I had a quilting twin!    She lives in Canada and has a blog which you can see HERE.    I emailed her to tell her about this funny coincidence and she emailed me back right away.  She wrote about it on her blog, too!  And like she says,  it's fun to think that two strangers with the same name, making the same quilts, calling them the same thing, and then post them on the same website.   Don't you just love coincidences!   

1 comment:

  1. yes indeed very funny and to round it off your blog names are almost alike. lol.

    both quilts are great. good luck.